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Steeping Instructions

Our goal is to help you connect with others using the ritual of tea. We combine the notions of enjoying shared experiences and taking time to appreciate others to create unique experiences.

We hope to be your reprieve from the world when you want to restore your faith in humanity as this need can arise in all of us at some point or another. 

Teamusing is about learning, growing, connecting, and experiencing something new with the goal of creating inspiration and a sense of togetherness.

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The Blend

Whether alone, or among a group of friends (in person or virtual-styles), the custom of tea drinking can be solace amongst a sea of iniquity.


From the very selection to the final sip, one can endeavour to leverage the time for reflection, rejuvenation and reconnection.

So brew a cup of tea (or concoct your favourite "me time" beverage) and take a reprieve from the stress of everyday life with a Teamusing™️ Experience.

The Ritual
My Dearest Teamusians,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Narrator, your humble attendant and devoted servant. Please indulge me a moment of your time to tell you our Teamusing™️ story.

Teamusing™️ is the destination for tea lovers who appreciate cultural experiences, fancy learning new things and who also enjoy connecting with like-minded* people. Our aim is to provide a dose of inspiration and to restore your spirit with a sense of togetherness.

Along with a remarkable group of Teaprentices, I attend to the Empress of Tea. She has a love of all things tea-related, from the custom it affords to the many delectable flavours it can provide and the warmth it can generate for our bodies and our souls. 


Together we strive to create experiences that investigate or pontificate interesting cultural themes. We endeavour to inspire gatherings (virtual or in-person) that amuse and delight. Our goal is to make Teamusing™️ experiences a cut above an average tea time.

Now sadly, I must return to my duties. I'm so happy to have made your acquaintance and it is my most obsequious pleasure to invite you warmly into our Teamunity

With the fondest of regards and eager anticipation of your return, I must bid you adieu,

The Narrator

*By 'like-minded" our meaning is that we all agree that it is good to disagree. We aim to discuss topics from various perspectives in a respectful and positive manner focused on learning and engaging in a discourse that results in a sum far greater than whole of its parts.

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