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~Milind S.

I'd give it 5 stars!
I thoroughly enjoyed Teamusing's  “Beach Party” themed goodie bag that arrived just in time for a virtual team get together.
Definitely recommend this for your company or personal occasion.

Canada True Ice Wine Tea


This deliciously tealightful blend has a black tea base so it’s great for a morning pick me up. The ice wine flavour is subtly balanced and not too strong.


Don’t let the name fool you as there is no alcohol in the tea…it is merely infused with the essence of ice wine (ingredients?).


And contrary to common misperceptions, the tea has no sweetness on its own (though some can easily be added for those who like lumps or other forms of sugary goodness).


One note to be careful of is to not steep too long, for those who aren’t paying close attention will have a wee bit of bitterness to attend to. Overall, this tea is a nice alternative to your average morning breakfast tea.


Your devoted hostess,

Empress ofTea

*Steeped for 5 minutes and served with a coco-almond milk blend (similar consistency to 2%)




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