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Van Gogh in Toronto

The immersive art experience featuring the esteemed works of Vincent Van Gogh is in Toronto until September 30, 2020. It's on the main floor of Toronto Star building down by the waterfront and, as of today, tickets are still available.

I went to experience it in early July with some fellow Teamusers and we really enjoyed the experience. It helps if you're a fan of the Van, but it's not mandatory for one's appreciation of the scenes created or admiration of the colours and movement.

In essence, it's a projection of Van Gogh's paintings manipulated into an inside light show and set to music. The projections were on the walls consistently and on the floor for most of the duration of the 38-minute loop.

The sheer scale of the imagery was impressive as the space is two stories high. In Montreal the projection surfaces also included the ceiling which would have presumably improved the experience many times over.

Even still, it was nice to be out and feeling cultured again. It's been a while since I've stretched those muscles and I did heartily enjoy it. I give it a solid two tea cups up!

Until next time, I bid you a Gogh-rgious day,


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