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Tea Phrasing Handbook

For the Teamusian who wishes to be "in the know" about all things related to the Empress's love of tea and her creation of a tea-language of sorts:

Teamusing: The act of drinking tea while being inspired

Teamusian: A fan of Teamusing...someone who yearns for cultural enlightenment, desires to be inspired, and enjoys being entertained

Tealicious: So absolutely tasty in the realm of teas as to be the utmost supreme height of deliciousness

Teatopia: The place we yearn for and strive to create...a paradise for all the tea lovers of the world

Teatastic: This one needs no explanation, we hope.

Teataining: Something that is both uplifting and entertaining, infused with the notion of tea

Teautiful: Like a butterfly or a flower, this is the word to describe something that is pleasing to the eye.

Teausday: The third Tuesday of every month is our official event date, making it the most tea of the days in the calendar.

Tealightful: The Empress's favourite word. It means all things wonderful and amusing with the enrichment of the sustenance and stability of tea.

Tearrific: If you have to ask...

Teaspiration: A quote, passage, or otherwise grouped series of words that are meant to inspire over the ritual of tea.

Tealumni: A previous guest of a Teamusing event. They are always welcome to return and we will surely desire to keep atop their interesting and inspiring progression over time.

Teaprentice: A worker-bee at the Teamusing empire. They serve The Narrator and The Empress in their quest to inspire the world through tea.

Teaology: The study of all things tea...and how the ritual of tea can be used to benefit us as individuals and a community.

Teaporium: Where we house all The Empress's tea. It is truly a wondrous place!


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