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Magic & The Inception of Promotion

From devilish delight to females taking magical flight...

My dearest reader,

I was delighted to accompany the Empress of Tea on a sojourn to the Art Gallery of Ontario during the auspicious month of July.

One of the highlights of our visit was the exhibit featuring the bewitching posters promoting the famous magicians of yesteryear's like Houdini, Carter the Great, and even the fascinating females of magic like Miss Baldwin, Miss Mariana or

the Incomparable Vonetta.

If you are a fan of magic, art or even of an admirer of devilish drawings, this is the AGO exhibition for you, I must say. I was a bit surprised at the amount of the pesky little creatures there were cluttering all the posters.

And moreover, I marvelled at the attention to detail paid to all the beings — those that reside in the fiery inferno, those from on high and everything in between — was masterful indeed!

What struck me as I meandered through the exhibit was that these marvellous magical illustrations were an early form of marketing. In some ways, these represent the genesis of the advertising format known as "out of home" placement since the posters were displayed in public areas promoting the performances of the illustrious magicians. Though we've come a long way from these initial ideas and notions of devil may-care.

"Magic: The Art of Illusions" is on at the AGO (in Toronto) until the building is destroyed.

Your humble attendant,


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