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A Teamusing Take on Development

D is for destruction, for it takes a wee bit of demolition to create anything new...either the tearing down of an old structure, the replacement of old code, or a new way of envisioning corporate leadership training and development. Whether it be physical destruction or that of a more ethereal or less tangible annihilation of preconceived notions.

E is for effort as each form of development comes with a hefty workload. It's not easy to develop new technologies, reenvision existing spaces in new ways, or to forge new ground in the world of corporate training programs.

V is for variety as each type of development offers a wide range of possibilities for improvement and part of the ideal process enables the individual to assess various options in order to proceed with the one that is most idea for the specific circumstances.

E is for evolution as all development is the progression or transformation of the notion, thing, or idea that preceded it in the cycle. Even during one project, the outcome can evolve quite radically from it’s first idea to the one that is eventually developed.

L is for learning as each type of development offers the individual an opportunity to detect, discern, and uncover knowledge about how to do and make things better or faster while improving on the user’s experience over time.

O is for opportunities which can be leveraged by the various forms of development. These include the chance to improve user experiences on websites and in applications, the prospect of reusing and reenvisioning an existing structure, or the occasion to improve the skills of corporate leaders through the use of unique training methods and tactics.

P is for problem solving as that is what most types of development aim to achieve. Whether it’s resolving the best way to build a piece of functionality, conceptualizing the ideal use of a particular space, or ideating on a unique way to leverage the crucibles of street youth for the advancement of senior leadership.

M is for mankind as all forms of development seek to improve the life or livelihood of certain individuals. Product development permeates all that we do online and with applications, real estate redevelopment enables a new owner to experience an enhanced dwelling, and corporate development enables to leaders of tomorrow to grow, learn, and enrich their leadership skills.

E is for exciting as it is a wondrous thing to be at the cutting edge of new developments, especially those with cultural implications for how we live and work each and every day.

N is for new as the end result of any form of development is something new or different than what was used previously.

T is for tenacity, for it takes a lot of diligence and determination to work in the areas of agile product, real estate or corporate development. Each field has its own challenges and tribulations which serve to test the individual on a regular basis.


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