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Georgian Bay Blend

Did my mouth ever really love until now, for I swear I have never met your equal. At least not in any Rooibos blend I’ve encountered previously. 


In my experience, red teas are usually plain or some variety of chai flavours. But not this beautiful bouquet. Several berry notes — blueberry, raspberry, goji, and elderberry — hit in bold unison with a silky smooth* rooibos-red flavour. Both taste and smell are harmonized effortlessly in this wonderful blend created for the AGO by Pluck.

Such a wonderful decaffeinated, cinnamon-focused, chia-flavoured concoction! It has just the faintest hint of sweetness, presumably from the inclusion of apple into the brew. Well done, DAVIDs Tea.

This pallet maintains just the faintest notes of cardamom and other spices such that it can effectively be called a "chai" flavour...but they stand back seat to the cinnamon and allow the sweet apple to come to life inside one's mouth. 

As the Narrator says, it's "indubitably tealicious!"


Cinnamon Rooibos Chai 


Caramel Tea

This caramel black tea is the perfect way to start any day. It's quite pleasing for all the senses.


To start, one can see the thin strips of caramel flavour peeking through the camellia sinensis leaves. Once the canister seal has been broken, a lovely sweet aroma wafts through the air. It hints at the bouquet of warm toffee.

Once brewed and steeped, and served with milk, this tea is sure to delight your pallet. The caramel blends perfectly without taking over.


Serve with a sweetener for a truly confectionary cup of tea.

African Chai is light on the nose and the pallet, but don't let that fool you. It's a marvellous blend with a lot to be savoured.

This tea has a soft, delicate flavour that hints at "chai-ness" with the customary flavours of cardamom, cinnamon, and other spices that are present but they do not overwhelm the pallet.

This light touch allows the wee rose petals seen in the blend to come out in the brew and flourish among the other flavours. 

Just Tea has produced a truly gentle chai that can be enjoyed any time of day. Well done!


African Chai


Lake & Mountains Blend

This is another wonderful creation by Pluck for the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario).

It's remarkable in a few different ways. Most notably, it's a fun blue colour once steeped. Hence, we recommend consuming from a vessel that has a white interior so you can experience the pleasing and unusual colour of this blend.

The Lake & Mountains Blend infuses an interesting combination of flavours including lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon, apple, hibiscus, cloves and cardamom. It also has some stevia leaf to soften and emulsify the flavours. 

We highly recommend this tea for anyone who enjoys a bit of fun and excitement in their cup. Enjoy!

One can appreciate the essence of lavender throughout this marvellous tea experience.

When opening the canister, there is a very powerful lavender scent to the blend and one can see the purple pieces of dried flower mixed among the earl grey leaves.

After steeping and mixing, the lavender takes more of a backseat to the strong black tea and bergamot orange of the earl grey base. It blends seamlessly into the smell and taste of the brewed tea inside the cup.

It's almost a shame to finish it because then it's all gone and so is the soft scent of lavender.


Lavender Earl Grey




This traditional Japanese beverage masterfully blends green tea with rice. The Mighty Leaf blend is made with loose-leaf sencha green tea and ample kernels of popped, roasted brown rice.

The sweetness of the rice cuts the bitterness of the green tea to make a delectable, cup slurping mixture. And the low steeping temperature* makes it that much more of a languid libation. 

Genmaicha is a favourite blend of mine as it evokes decadence, yet it is essentially healthy and uplifting.

*Green tea should be steeped at below boiling for optimal results. It should also be steeped for a short time, lest. more bitterness creep in (unless you're into that sorta thing)

This deliciously tealightful blend has a black tea base so it’s great for a morning pick me up. The ice wine flavour is subtly balanced and not too strong.


Don’t let the name fool you as there is no alcohol in the tea…it is merely infused with the essence of ice wine (ingredients?).


And contrary to common misperceptions, the tea has no sweetness on its own (though some can easily be added for those who like lumps or other forms of sugary goodness).


One note to be careful of is to not steep too long, for those who aren’t paying close attention will have a wee bit of bitterness to attend to. Overall, this tea is a nice alternative to your average morning breakfast tea.


Canada True Ice Wine Tea



Blue Mountain Tea’s Spicy Chai

We found this tea after a tealightful conversation with the proprietor of the Blue Mountain Tea Company in Collingwood…when we mentioned that the flavours of chai were among our very favourites, she recommended we try this special version of her famous chai blend. It’s especially made for those who enjoy the spicy nature of the chai flavours of ginger, cardamom and clove. There are stronger undercurrents of these flavours in this unique and delectable blend.

It’s not officially on the menu, but if one knows to ask for the spicy blend then it can be arranged and the senses will not be disappointed, we can assure you of that. Be advised that it is only for the lovers of chai and those with a pallet that can take some spicy morning moments….mmm mmm mmm, what a treat!


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